Snapshot: Corner Café Comes Back in Time for the Erev Pesach Rush

Snapshot: Corner Café Comes Back in Time for the Erev Pesach Rush

by YS Gold

Corner Café has been an iconic eatery located at the corner of Ditmas Avenue and Dahill Road for close to twenty-five years, serving up delicious breakfast and lunch servings to eager customers from the neighborhood, as well as those passing through the area on their way out of town. A number of years ago, the establishment underwent a complete renovation, and the space would host simchos in the evenings. However, its owners have shuttered the establishment in recent months.

Now comes the news that Corner Café has been acquired by BP Hospitality Group, a group of investors who aim to make take the establishment to the next level under the management of Rafi Freund who has many years in the food industry.

This comes just in time for erev Pesach, when people are looking for a delicious chometz’dig bite to eat as they prepare intensely for the upcoming Yom Tov, and BoroPark24 sat down with Rafi to hear about the new ownership’s plans for the future of this iconic eatery.

“Our goal is to make Corner Café a destination for delicious, modern cuisine for the Boro Park community and beyond,” Rafi says. Dining in, customers will be treated to a clean and pleasant dining experience, while we also provide a super-fast delivery service for our hundreds of menu items anywhere in Boro Park.”

The investors behind BP Hospitality Group each come with experience in the food and hospitality business, and are bringing their expertise to the new Corner Café, aiming to make it greater than ever.

One category that they have introduced follows the greater trend toward sourdough, preferred by many foodies. “Artisanal toast—sourdough and regular— has by far been our greatest selling category in the short few weeks that we have been open,” Rafi says. “They are topped with a dizzying array of toppings… and they have been selling like hotcakes,” he says.

The establishment also offers catering for any kind of event… from reunions to sheva brochos to office parties and anything in between, and their delivery service comes with real-time tracking.

The reopening made a splash on the Boro Park scene. “We opened three weeks ago, and at some point last week, the news hit Boro Park…and all of a sudden we were inundated with orders from everywhere at once,” Rafi recalls. “We did our best to fill every order, but it was a bit overwhelming on that day. 

Business has steadily been increasing, and the feedback has been extremely positive,” Rafi says.

“This is a landmark business that’s extremely well-known in the neighborhoods of Boro Park, Flatbush, and Kensington. We have come in with an infusion of a fresh approach to food which will keep our customers happy and coming back for more,” he said.

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