T-Mobile Users on East Coast Temporarily Lose Service

T-Mobile Users on East Coast Temporarily Lose Service

More than 4,500 T-Mobile customers have been finding themselves unable to send and receive calls and texts since noon, when some cellular service was disrupted on the East Coast for reasons unknown.

Some, but not all T-Mobile users also reported today that they are also having trouble accessing their data on their phones and on their computers at home.

Twitter, Reddit, and DownDetector say the outage may reach west all the way to Chicago, although not all users are affected by their 5G repeatedly losing its connection.

Some users have been able to send texts or make calls by using networks other than 5G, and other users have been able to regain services by turning their phones off and then on.

Cell phone service may be sporadic in the near future, as T-Mobile, which has not yet acknowledged the outage, determines the causes for the service disruptions.

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