Thousands of Gerer Chassidim Uplifted by Historic Shabbos in Boro Park

Thousands of Gerer Chassidim Uplifted by Historic Shabbos in Boro Park

An unforgettable Shabbos was experienced by thousands of Gerer chassidim who breathed the history and the holiness in the presence of the Gerer Rebbe who spent Shabbos in their midst—as he prepares for the wedding of a grandchild on these shores for the first time in the history of the Gerer court. 


Upon arriving in Boro Park, the Rebbe made his way to Admorim and Rabbonim of Boro Park, in Lindt the Rebbes of Skulen, Sanz-Klausenberg, Munkatcher, and Rachmastrivka—with whom he conversed in divrei Torah, and invited them to the simcha which will take place Tuesday. 


From there he proceeded to the enormous ballroom in the Belzer Talmud Torah, which had furiously undergone last minute preparations to accommodate the enormous crowd. By this time, the hall hummed with the holy energy that chassidim feel in anticipating a Shabbos with the Rebbe. A large platform was especially built so that the entire crowd can see the Rebbe, avoiding the need for clamoring. In addition, an Ezras Noshim was built so the women may participate in the events throughout Shabbos.


Entering the hall for Mincha, a hush fell over crowd, and after Kabbolas Shabbos, there is a customary “hafsukah,” a pause which the crowd utilized for Torah learning before Maariv. Following Davening, the Rebbe made his way around the stage, wishing ‘gut Shabbos’ to the vast crowd. 


6:45 a.m. found a full house, with the chassidim engaged in a Seder of learning “mezumanim,” a program that the Rebbe has instituted for bachurim and yungeleit to master large amounts of Shas. 


During Krias haTorah, the aufruf was held for the chosson, who will marry the daughter of the Rebbe’s son, Rav Yisroel Menachem. 


The Rebbe conducted a tisch following mussaf in honor of the simcha—an emotional event… one that chassidim have not merited to participate in for two years. The tisch, which lasted close to two hours, was replete with niggunim, and lengthy Torah, which was later repeated aloud for those who may not have heard. 


At 5:30 the Rebbe came in for “adorchgein,” providing chassidim the opportunity to pass by to greet him, and wish Mazel tov in honor of the simcha. After Mincha and maariv, the Rebbe greeted the entire crowd, and returned to Monsey, where he will remain until the much-anticipated chasunah which will take place there on Tuesday. 


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