Three Men Indicted for anti-Semitic Crimes in Boro Park and Flatbush

Three Men Indicted for anti-Semitic Crimes in Boro Park and Flatbush

     A grand jury has indicted Danial Shaukat, 20, Haider Anjam, 20, and Ashan Azad, 19, on all charges, after they were arrested for harassing, hitting, and threatening Jews in Boro Park and Flatbush two weeks ago, Hamodia reported.

     The grand jury indicted the three young men on a total of 64 charges, many of which were labeled as hate crimes, such as assault, menacing, attempted assault, and aggravated harassment.

     On Shabbos, May 22, two of the perpetrators approached two yeshiva boys, who were walking on Ocean Parkway and 18th Avenue to demand that the teens say, “Free Palestine.” 

     When the teens refused to do so, the perpetrators punched one boy in the back of the head and the other boy in the head, face, and mouth. After putting of the Jewish teenagers in in a choke-hold, one of the assailants retrieved a cricket bat from the trunk of his blue Toyota Camry, and chased the victims, who had run away.

     The Jewish teens had said that they feared for their lives, if a Muslim Uber driver had not appeared to rescue them.

      After driving away from Ocean Parkway, the three perpetrators allegedly then drove to 16th Avenue in Boro Park, where they began harassing Jews, who were outside the Agudath Israel shul, which is located at 4911 16th Street.

      When the perpetrators arrived at a stoplight near the shul, they started shouting ‘Free Palestine’ at Yidden walking by.

      “I didn’t react,” one Agudath Israel member said. “I didn’t want to show them that I was a little bit scared, so I passed them, and I went further down the sidewalk.

      “I just stared at the car and the license plate.

      “Meanwhile the light changed, and they came down here to 16th Avenue, and one of them screamed, ‘Are you looking at my license plate?’" Another perpetrator spat on a Jewish man, and then yelled, ‘We’ll kill all the Jews down here.’”

     After the Jewish men ran inside their shul to lock the door, the perpetrators banged on the door.

     On the their way out, the perpetrators broke the mirror of a nearby parked car, and continued yelling anti-Semitic slurs as they drove away.

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