Triple Celebration at Yeshivas Horei Besomim-Strie

Triple Celebration at Yeshivas Horei Besomim-Strie

BY: Yitzy Fried 

Dozens of talmidim of Yeshivas Horei Besomim celebrated a siyum on half of Masechta Bava Basra, the conclusion of a successful zman, and the historic milestone of the yeshiva’s acquisition of a 25-acre campus for their summer camp, which will enable the bachurim to grow and thrive in their learning in a serene setting. 

The yeshiva was founded eight years ago by Rav Dovid Geldzhaler, shlit”a, with the vision and the belief that every single bachur is capable of growing in Torah, and to excel. Numerous bachurim have graduated the yeshiva to date, and gone on to build beautiful Torah’dige homes. 

“Since we belief in the ability of each and every bachur, we are also able to demand from them. Every bachur has the potential to master hundreds of dapim of gemara, and the yeshiva is living proof of this,” says one of the maggidei shiurim. 

Understandably, these strides in Torah learning bring about a tangible joy in the everyday life at the yeshiva. The camaraderie, the shared purpose and goals, and the connection between the faculty and the bachurim all make for an exceptional atmosphere in the yeshiva. 

Yeshiva Horei Besomim is a family that accompanies the bachurim throughout the entire year, and even has uniquely tailored programming for bein hazmanim, times that most bachurim are on their own.  

Which made the incredible event in a massive tent on the yeshiva’s new campground all the more charged with excitement and joy. 

The event was headlined by Rabbonim and Admorim, and yeshiva’s dedicated faculty. Reb Mordechai Meir Berkowitz served as the emcee of the evening, and noted how he was present just one week before when the bachurim spent more than three consecutive hours on leil shishi immersed in completing Chumash-Rashi, and then being tested on its entirety! 

One of the highlights of the evening—moments that brought tears of joy to the faces of the parents and grandparents, and deep satisfaction to the numerous Rabbonim in attendance—was the public farher on the tens of dapim in Bava Basra that were learned that zman. 

The mastery, the engagement, and the oneness with the gemara was on clear display—and it was difficult for those in attendance to believe that they were witnessing such a sight in the summer of 5782. 

One of the more poignant addresses of the evening was delivered by the Limanover Ruv shlit”a, who expressed the sentiments of all those assembled in lauding the privilege that the bachurim and their families have to be part of such an incredible environment—the fruits of which are being displayed that evening. 

The highlight of the evening was the awarding certificates for the accomplishments of the zman to each of the talmidim. But even more meaningful was the accompanying booklet comprising the tests on the perakim that each talmid took, as well as pages and pages of writing of gemara and meforshim that each bachur wrote. 

The joyous dancing that followed—as multiple generations linked arms—expressed the fervor and the deep joy of another generation in Klal Yisroel following the beautiful ways of Torah and Yiddishkeit through their immersion in Torah learning, as they journey to their goal of becoming the Talmidei Chachomim of the future. 

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