Tuesday Tip: Maximize your Vacation Time by Carefully Planning Your Activities

Tuesday Tip: Maximize your Vacation Time by Carefully Planning Your Activities

By Yehudit Garmaise

“To travel is to live,” said 19th century author Hans Christian Anderson, but while some people like to go, go, go when they head out, many others like to just unplug, bask in the sunshine, and relax.

To get the most out of time off, travelers should be honest with themselves about the types of activities they most consider fun and rejuvenating.

When Boro Parkers travel, many clarify that the level of activities they consider fun determines whether they are going on “trips” or “vacations.”

To explore or to relax? While “trips” include enjoying a new place by sightseeing, said Avrumi, who grew up in Boro Park, “vacations,” usually involve more resting, but might include seeing a few new places.

“Every time I travel, I like to go to a new place, explore, and see something new,” said Avrumi, who has not only loved heading out west to Arizona and California with his family, but who has also explored Israel, Morocco, South Africa, Switzerland, and Austria.

Sruly, however, who works a fast-paced job on 13th Avenue, said, “I don’t want to run around all day without breathing.

“San Diego or Miami are my favorites because we find plenty of quiet spots to just relax and enjoy the pleasant outdoors.”

Plan each day: Instead of winging it once you arrive under blue skies, new cities, or rustic getaways, travelers, couples, and families should carefully plan out how to spend their time so that everyone is happy.

While some families plan one or two activities for every day when they are away, the rule is that family members do not have to go anywhere or do anything they don’t want to do.

Staying back, reading, and relaxing are always options. Adults who want to chill can stay with the kids who don’t feel like leaving.

When planning each day’s outings: on which no one is required to go, families can have fun discussing and dreaming about what they would most love to do.

While some might want to hike, or go on exciting rides, others might want to shop and go on tours and learn new things. Family members can research the area a bit before choosing a few things and compiling lists of what they most want to experience.

To work or not to work? In addition to carefully planning out each day’s choice of activities in advance, vacationers have to decide how to best manage the demands of work: which, thanks to cell phones and the Internet, never really stop.

While Esty, who “enjoys traveling the world,” said that when she goes on vacation, she completely disconnects from work, to “do it right,” many others don’t mind keeping themselves available to work for a few hours here and there.

Communicate with your office: Those who don’t mind staying connected to their offices should communicate clearly when they are busy and when they have the time and some quiet space in which to work a bit.

While kids are napping or enjoying downtime, or while others are Go-Karting or at a museum in which you have no interest, many travelers who love their work don’t mind taking a few hours to concentrate, think and create.

Schedule stretches for work and for play: To avoid feeling like they “slaves to their phones,” and “on-call” when they are supposed to be “off-duty,” vacationers can set regular times at which they check in with their colleagues or simply check to see whether they are needed for anything when they have some downtime.

No matter how vacationers choose to spend their time, they should ensure that they do not exhaust themselves so completely that as soon as they return home what they most need is: another vacation.

Boro Parkers who are bundling up now during what is usually the coldest month of the year should take the time to dream now. What kind of trip helps you to best arrive back home feeling refreshed, recharged, and inspired?

We would love to hear your answers! Please share your best vacations and vacation plans with BoroPark24 at [email protected]

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