Twenty-five Boro Park Mosdos Unite Behind Dan Goldman

Twenty-five Boro Park Mosdos Unite Behind Dan Goldman

By: Boropark24 staff 

With one week to go to the Democratic Primary for the 10th Congressional District, twenty-five heads of local Boro Park mosdos have put out an endorsement of Dan Goldman. 

This comes after individual endorsements earlier this week.   

“We now find ourselves in a moment where forces antithetical to our values and worldview are on the rise. Of the twelve candidates running in this primary, the majority do not understand, or are downright hostile to, our needs,” the statement said. 

The 10th Congressional District covers a large swath of Boro Park, giving Boro Park residents the potential to swing this race. 

The endorsement goes on to explain that Mr. Goldman is a former prosecutor who will keep the community safe and is pro-business. “He is the representative that we need in Washington,” it said. 

The primary takes place next Tuesday, August 23.

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