Uber Riders in NYC Pay Highest Rates in US, Study Shows

Uber Riders in NYC Pay Highest Rates in US, Study Shows

By Yehudit Garmaise

In NYC, Uber cars appear faster than anywhere else in the county, but they are also more expensive.

The average Uber trip costs more per mile in New York City than in any other US city, according, NetCredit which examined US prices across the US during rush hour, weekday afternoons, and weekends, the New York Post reported.

New York Uber riders pay on average for a 6.2-mile ride: $34.74, which makes NYC America’s most expensive city in which to use the ride app, according to NetCredit.

The study reflects that Uber, which has blamed surging gas prices and an unending driver shortage, has raised prices around the world. 

NYC also pays drivers a minimum wage and a congestion surcharge policy that contributes to high fares. However, seeing rides appear minutes after requesting them in NYC may make them worth the price tags.  

To evade Uber’s high prices, some New Yorkers are returning to yellow cabs, which are harder to spot than before the pandemic.

In addition, the Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering raising taxi fares for airport rides.

In May, Uber announced it would be adding taxicabs to its app in NYC, where customers will pay roughly the same amount for taxi rides as they would for standard Uber rides.

After New York, Nashville, where residents are paying $34.63 is the next most expensive city to grab an Uber: followed by Denver at $33.91, Seattle at $32.63 and Baltimore at $27.27. 

Worldwide, Switzerland’s capital of Bern showed the most expensive 10-kilometer rides, which are equivalent to 6.2 miles, at a wince-worthy $42.80, and the Pakistani capital of Islamabad showed the cheapest rides in the world at just $1.39.

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