UPDATED: Denver Yeshiva Shooting May be part of Larger Crime Spree in Area Last Night

UPDATED: Denver Yeshiva Shooting May be part of Larger Crime Spree in Area Last Night

As the morning unfolds at Yeshiva Toras Chaim-Denver, the talmidim and faculty remain in shock and horror at the senseless shooting of their talmid and chaver. A native of Denver's East Side (the yeshiva is located on the West Side) told Boropark24, "I am heading over to the yeshiva to say tehillim. I feel I need to be with them at this time." In the meantime, the authorities have released the identity of the victim; Shmuli Silverberg, 19, from University Heights, Cleveland. He had just begun first-year beis medrash at YTC mere days ago.  

Denver Police is investigating the horrific incident, and are currently unsure of the motives behind the event. They are investigating it possibly as a hate crime, but also as part of a larger crime spree, with multiple armed crimes (a carjacking, a shooting, and another carjacking) taking place in adjacent neighborhoods, closer and closer to the campus of YTC, in the moments before the tragedy.     

Boropark24 will continue to update this story as details continue to emerge.

A Levaya for the victim will take place at the Feldmans funeral home in Denver, from where the Aron will be flown to Lakewood, for Levaya and Kevurah. 

Click on this link to participate in the Levaya 

Zoom for Lakewood Levaya:
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Passcode: 706464
Zoom for Denver Levaya:

Meeting ID: 825 5548 8320
Passcode: 840890

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