Urgent! Kidney Donors Needed for Two Jews: Testing Monday

Urgent! Kidney Donors Needed for Two Jews: Testing Monday

Two precious lives are turning to us with pleading eyes that say, “Will you do something to save my life?”  

On Monday, March 14, at 5215 16th Ave., from 2 to 9 pm, Boro Park residents can get tested to see whether they are compatible to donate a kidney for either a young mother or a little boy, who are both fighting for their lives.

Mrs. K, whom Hatzalah describes as “a wonderful Boro Park woman with a houseful of children” can no longer care for her children, nor her home because her kidneys stopped functioning. Her children cry out, “We want a healthy mother! 

“We want someone to raise us and walk us to our chuppahs!”

Yossi is a “precocious 3-year-old who loves to play with his friends and go to cheder,” however, he often cannot do those things because the hours he spends getting dialysis leaves him exhausted, weak, and in pain.

“I want to live,” Yossi pleads. “Can you help me?”

Community members are encouraged to come get tested.

Boro Park residents who would like to see whether they might be candidates for kidney donations for these two holy Jews in need should come to the Hatzalah Garage on Monday, between the hours of 2 to 9 pm.

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