US Rep. Lee Zeldin Makes a Matsiv with Momentum on 13th Avenue

US Rep. Lee Zeldin Makes a Matsiv with Momentum on 13th Avenue

By Yehudit Garmaise

“All New Yorkers see the [crime in the] videos, the pictures, and [hear] the stories, and we want to do everything in our power to take back our streets,” US Rep. Lee Zeldin said to an enthusiastic crowd who was chanting his name and cheering in front of Amnon’s Pizza on 13th Avenue on Sunday. 

“The energy is indescribable,” tweeted one participant about this afternoon’s rally in Boro Park. “Only nine more days until we show Kathy Hochul the door.”

“There are pro-criminal laws that have been passed in Albany,” said Zeldin, the Republican gubernatorial candidate. “There are district attorneys who refuse to enforce the law. We have men and women in law enforcement who are not being supported.

“It is time for us to prosecute people who are doing harm to other people, instead of just letting them run free on our streets.”

Rep. Zeldin said that he will get crime under control in New York by declaring a state of emergency so that he can suspend NY’s cashless bail law.”

Before the rally, Zeldin, who was joined by former District 48 Assemblyman Dov Hikind, also visited the Vishnitzer Rebbe’s Boro Park home, which Hikind, called “magnificent,” where they discussed the New York State Department of Education’s newest guidelines and the kind of support the community needs.

Although when progressive groups come together to vote for their interests, those groups are admiringly called “coalitions,” today the New York Times criticized the Orthodox Jewish community for voting as a bloc to similarly protect their rights and interests.

In a day of campaigning that will reach into the night, Zeldin has been campaigning hard in frum NY: also making stops in Flatbush and Williamsburg to both fundraise and get the vote out for a race for which polling shows that recent polling shows the Republican has a shot at winning.

“There seems to be a real momentum [about Zeldin],” said Hikind, the founder of the group Americans Against Anti-Semitism. “We cannot afford to lose. We know what Hochul has done up until now with regard to crime.

“People get that they understand it. They see it. She doesn’t have any plan to deal with what is going on in New York today.”

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