Vinderkind Tamuz on Shelves Now

Vinderkind Tamuz on Shelves Now

By Idy Perl

The latest Vinderkind edition for chodesh Tamuz is now available and in stores near you! The newest edition includes over 2 hours of entertainment for children of all ages. 

Chodesh Tamuz Track List:

Machaneh Vinderkind- The official Vinderkind camp song!

Runaway From Home -The story of how David Hamelech ran away from home in the middle of the night

The Sheik’s Secret- A dramatic story told by R’ Moshe Ber Schwartz

The House Destroyer- A fascinating interview with R’ Shalom Yosef Levinger about demolishing large structures

Everyone Is Against Me- When a child thinks that everyone wants to bring them down…

Wrongdoings- A beautiful song with children who think that others want to bring them down

There’s A Moon? - An interesting halachah conversation about when Matisyahu Green looks for a moon

In All Languages- A humorous song about language mix-ups

And much much more!

Sign up now for a subscription at or call 718-517-8310

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