WATCH: Surveillance camera footage of a city inspector trying to enter a school

   Surveillance camera footage reveals a city inspector knocking on the door of a school in Boro Park 

 City inspectors, unfortunately, continue to harass multiple schools in Boro Park and other Brooklyn red zones by visiting with inspections and issuing summons, sometimes in yeshivas that are completely empty of talmidim or talmidos.

For instance, two health inspectors from the NYC Health Department visited Yeshivat Shaare Torah on Coney Island Ave. in Midwood, which they found empty, but left a summons, nonetheless.

  Yeshivat Shaare Torah’s executive director was working in the school when he noticed the inspectors and invited them to look anywhere they wanted inside the building. When he questioned the inspectors as to why they were writing a summons when the building was totally vacant except for a few staff members, one of the inspectors would only respond by saying that “she had a list [of yeshivas to inspect.]

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