Weekend Weather: Ian's Remnants Will Bring Rain

Weekend Weather: Ian's Remnants Will Bring Rain

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen 

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida this week just shy of a category five hurricane, bringing devastation and ferocious winds. As it tore through Florida, it weakened to a tropical storm, but when it went back out onto the ocean, it regained strength to a category one hurricane, with 85 MPH winds. It currently sits over the Carolina coast. 

From there it will come up the coast, and split into two. This will bring us, in the NYC area, heavy rain and some wind. It will begin tonight with light drizzle, but throughout Shabbos, we will get some heavy rain and some wind.  The heavy rain will come in the morning hours of Shabbos day. The storm will move out by late afternoon, but it will remain cloudy, and we will continue to feel the effect of the hurricane into next week. 

Temps will be cool, but we will need to hunker down for a fair amount of rain over this weekend.

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