Weekend Weather: The Snow’s Gone, but the Cold Returns with big Storm

Weekend Weather: The Snow’s Gone, but the Cold Returns with big Storm

By: Yaker Biegeleisen

The last few days have been blessedly mild. Coupled with non-stop rain as of the early hours of Thursday, and the snow from last weekend has been all but washed away. 

But some really cold weather is barreling our way—thanks to a storm that has brought severe weather across a 2,000-mile stretch, originating in our northwest (Thursday night saw colder temperatures in Texas and the Gulf States than New York, as a result of the storm). 

Friday began with temps in the 50’s, but we will plummet into the 30’s by the time today is over. The rain that we are seeing now, will turn to freezing rain, and even snow in some areas. 

A winter weather advisory has been announced across New York State—with more severe conditions such as freezing rain, sleet, and icy roads. 

As the storm moves out Friday night, Shabbos will be dry, but with temps in the low 20’s—and a real feel in the single digits—as we look ahead to a dry, cold week. 

Yaker Biegeleisen a born-and-bred Boro Parker, and is Boro Park’s weather and nature reporter. 

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