Weekend Weather: Warmer Conditions With Rain On Shabbos

Weekend Weather: Warmer Conditions With Rain On Shabbos

by Yaker Biegeleisen 

There is a storm brewing, and it will be here Friday night overnight. 

We warm up ahead of the storm, with temperatures on Friday reaching into the 60's. The warmer weather will remain with us throughout Shabbos , but a storm brings in rain for Friday night into Shabbos morning. 

Shabbos will be warm as well, with temps in the 60's. But we will see rain on and off. We could see a line of thunderstorms coming through late Shabbos afternoon into the evening, and it will bring strong winds for a short period of time. 

Motzei Shabbos, temps will plummet into the thirties, but next week we will see warmer temps as we head into Yom Tov. 

Yaker Biegeleisen is BoroPark24's weather and nature reporter.

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