Weekend Weather: Wild Weather Swings for Shabbos Vayigash

Weekend Weather: Wild Weather Swings for Shabbos Vayigash

Warming up—with record-setting temps—ahead of more cold weather

By: Yaker Biegeleisen

The last few days of this week were quite cold, due to a cold front from the west—but Friday will be warmer, with temps rising into the forties. It will be cloudy.

Shabbos will warm up even more, with temperatures up to mid-60’s—with some showers in the morning hours, breaking records for the warm temperatures at this time of year (December 11, 1879, saw temps of 64 degrees).

Shabbos afternoon will get windy, and as we head into the evening, we will see a strong line of rain and wind ahead of a cold front that comes through the area around 11:00.

Yaker Biegeleisen is a born-and-bred Boro Parker who resides here with his family. He is a weather enthusiast and reports on weather for Boropark24

Photo: Flickr

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