With Seconds Remaining, Take a Second to Count

With Seconds Remaining, Take a Second to Count

With the Hatzolah campaign coming to a close, let us take a single second to count.

How many individuals in our community are currently breathing thanks to Hatzolah?

Let’s count the amount of panicked hearts that have been lulled by the fast responding group. 

Let us count the cries of grief they have prevented.

Can we count how many heartbeats they stand behind?

Can we count the tears they have wiped off anguished faces?

Let us count how many nights have been sacrificed by the selfless members.

Or the precious moments they have given up just to be there for YOUR parent, spouse, child, or sibling…..

Now when they ask for OUR help, let us not turn a blind eye to what they mean to us.

Let us not forget that they are a pillar upon which our community rests.

Let’s support the organization that has our back. 

Let’s bring their campaign count up so that we can continue to count on them.


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