Women Learn to Better Connect with Themselves, Others, and Hashem at Retreat in Deal, NJ, May 4 and 5

By Yehudit Garmaise

    New lenses are required for women to achieve “a whole new way of living,” explained lifecoach Peri Gottlieb, who is hosting a two-day Retreat of Connection in Deal, NJ, on May 4 and 5. 

     The focus of the retreat is for women to learn to better connect with themselves, with others, and with Hashem, she explained.

     What does it mean for women to truly “connect with themselves”?

     “Connecting with yourself means connecting with all the parts of yourself with which you haven’t be able to be present and truly see,” explained Mrs. Gottlieb, who was trained and licensed as a life coach by Dina Friedman three years ago. “Only first after we connect to ourselves fully, bein adam l’atzmo, can we connect to others in a healthy way, bein adam chavero, and only once we have learned to master that, can we accomplish ben adam le Makom and really connect to Hashem.”

     But before women set off on journeys to discover more joy, gratitude, and satisfaction, women must realize that what they most desire is also want Hashem wants for them, explained Mrs. Gottlieb, who lives in Monsey and grew up in Williamsburg.

     Participants in the retreat work on “clearing their beliefs that stop them from being able to receive authentic joy and connection not just with themselves and with others, but with their bodies, their femininity, their desires, and whatever is truly ‘them.’

     “We help women to discover who they truly are.

     “The retreat is about self-love, self-acceptance, and getting to know all the parts of you that you have rejected, for whatever reason, in the past. The parts of yourself of which you were not truly aware. It is really about the connection to yourself: Your mind, body, and spirit as whole.”

      To learn how to achieve true authenticity, participants in Mrs. Gottlieb’s Retreat of Connection will paint, color, walk, sculpt, meditate, and practice yoga on Deal’s beautiful beaches.

      In addition, Mrs. Dini Ettinger will be leading workshops in creative journaling that include exercises and prompts that help women to access their subconscious truths and their authentic selves.

      On both days of the retreat, Mrs. Bracha Meshchaninov will lead participants in “Tiferet Yoga,” which incorporates ideas of Chassidus with movement. 

      Mrs. Meshchaninov helps women to connect to their bodies in healthy and loving ways and express their femininity in positive, empowering, and meaningful ways that connect with Yiddishkeit.

     “Tiferet Yoga is very different from plain yoga, when you are just doing stretches,” said Mrs. Gottlieb who regularly takes yoga classes with Mrs. Meshchaninov. “We have a full-packed program.

     “I want to help women to create the best lives for themselves and to shine in the greatest ways that they are meant to in this world.”

     Women have until Thursday, April 29, to call (914) 906-110 to register for Mrs. Gottlieb’s Retreat of Connection.

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