Women's Retreat Provides Rejuvenating, Nurturing, and Creative Respite in Highland Hills, Nov. 2 and 3

Women's Retreat Provides Rejuvenating, Nurturing, and Creative Respite in Highland Hills, Nov. 2 and 3

By Yehudit Garmaise

     Peri Gottlieb, who is a Mastery Life Coach, wants to help women let go of anything that might be preventing them from experiencing joy, being able to love and feel loved, and living life to its fullest.

     On Nov. 2 to 3, Peri will be hosting her second women’s retreat, in which participants will take part in yoga, tai chi, art-making, journaling, meditation, and a breathwork workshop to release past traumas and anxieties, so as to live more authentic and empowered lives.

     The women’s getaway, called “Let Your Heart Sing,” will be held in Highland Hills, at the King David Mansion, which offers gorgeous grounds and a dry sauna and massages for anyone who is interested.

     Peri, who is from Monsey, held her first women’s retreat in May in Deal, NJ, and it was such a smashing success that the recharging respite she provides is back by popular demand.

     In just four weeks, she will provide many activities to help women access and then release their thoughts, emotions, beliefs, memories that no longer serve them and may be holding them back.

     “Especially when we are younger,” Peri explained, “when we experience things that we don’t know how to process correctly, we may instinctively stuff things down, or create defense mechanisms that are not healthy for us in the long run.

     “Maybe we were hurt in the past, or we are afraid of lots of things that don’t feel so pleasant, such as shame and rejection.

     “So we don’t open our hearts completely to the full experiences of life.”

     Sometimes we don’t have the words for our experiences and perceptions, but through art and journaling, participants can access and express their inner worlds, she said.

     Yoga, which is another form of meditation used to feel centered and balanced: both physically and emotionally helps participants to access and align with their inner strengths.

     In a workshop that Peri calls “transformative: to the next level,” Fally Klein will lead the women in “breathwork,” which in addition to releasing old traumas, the breathing exercises can provide calming effects, increase energy, boost immune systems, relieve chronic pain, and improve sleep. 

     Through women’s movements and vocal expressions, they release their blockages and past traumas. A highly trained and experienced professional, Fally then walks around the room to watch the participants carefully, to ascertain and help them release where their breath might be “stuck.” 

     All of the retreat’s workshops have the same goal in mind: helping women to live more authentic, happy, and empowered lives.

    “I want to help people to experience more joy and expansiveness in their lives,” she said. “Everyone should learn how to live her life with an open heart.”

    Women may register for the retreat by phone, text, and WhatsApp at (914) 906-1109. Depending on participants’ choices of rooms, the cost ranges from $525 to $595.

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