2024 Lag Ba’omer Fire Map Released

2024 Lag Ba’omer Fire Map Released

By Idy Perl

This year will see a lot more yidden will be celebrating Lag Ba’omer at home since Israel announced that no hadlaka will be allowed in Meron due to the war.

Many rebbes have already announced where and when their hadlakos will be held, and Brooklyn residents are looking forward to the celebrations that will take over Boro Park streets this Lag Ba’omer. 

With the coordination of Community Board 12, FDNY, NYPD, and Shomrim, the Lag Ba’omer fire map for Motze Shabbos has been released with the details of all street closures so that residents are aware of the traffic changes and can plan accordingly. 

Photo Gallery: Yurtzeit of Rabbi Eliezer Chaim of Yampola Zy"u by the Skolya Rebbe
  • May 21 2024
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  • 9:08 AM

Photo Gallery: Skulen Monsey Rebbe Motzei Shabbos in Boro Park by his Brother the Skulen Rebbe
  • May 20 2024
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