Boro Park Weather Experts Recognized for Outreach Work During NWS Albany Conference

Boro Park Weather Experts Recognized for Outreach Work During NWS Albany Conference

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Yaker Biegeleisen is a renowned weather expert and enthusiast. He is well-known from his appearances on the Kol Mevaser hotline with updates on weather and nature. 

He recently attended a conference in Albany where the National Weather Service—whose alerts he follows ardently—held a press availability in honor of National Hurricane Awareness Week, speaking to the media with an insight on the operations, and how they prepare the public for weather-related events, especially in light of the upcoming hurricane season which is fast approaching. 

Mr. Biegeleisen made the journey to the State’s Capitol for this occasion, and during the course of his interaction with NWS officials, R’ Yaker and his partner, R’ Shia Glick, got to interview and interact with a number of the experts—all of whom were impressed by how prepared and knowledgeable they were.

Among those they met were Kenneth Graham, NWS director; Mike Brennan, NHC director; Steve DiRienzo, NWS Albany; Cody Fritz, Surge team; the NOAA P3 flight crew, and the WC130 US army flight crew. 

“They showed us their models and some of the inside workings of how they conclude hurricane strength and designations, including some new gadgets, and technologies that are being rolled out,” R’ Yaker told BoroPark24. 

The group was given a tour by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and they showed them the hurricane-hunting plane from the outside, as well as the radar and equipment that it uses as it flies directly into the eye of the hurricane systems. This plane has already flown 129 hurricane missions! 

The NHS has as its mission to spread as much information as possible, to as wide an audience as possible, and is seeking to have their information translated into as many languages as possible. In the course of the presentations, the director of the National Hurricane Center approached Mr. Biegeleisen and thanked him for taking the initiative in bringing important weather and storm information to the Yiddish-speaking public on his own initiative.   

“When you follow this type of thing closely, it is always a fascinating experience to be given an inside glimpse into these things and to interact with the professionals and experts who are behind this important service,” he said. 

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