“A Chanukas Habayis for Cholei Yisroel” New expanded headquarters enable Chaim Medical Resource to save more lives

“A Chanukas Habayis for Cholei Yisroel” New expanded headquarters enable Chaim Medical Resource to save more lives

Chaim Medical Resource has been saving lives for years. But last week, the organization celebrated a move that takes their life-saving work to a new level, at the Chanukas Habayis of their new headquarters, in Boro Park’s famed Brooklyn Square.

The move was long overdue. It was initiated by philanthropist Abe Sutton, who became closely connected to Chaim Medical Resource when the organization assisted several members of the Sephardic community. Amazed by the incredible prowess – and ahavas Yisroel – of Chaim Medical, he became a staunch supporter.

With his vision and foresight, Mr. Sutton recognized that while Chaim was doing astounding work in its existing cramped facility, a state-of-the-art, spacious facility would enable the organization to expand and better meet the growing demand for its services. Teaming up with fellow Sephardic philanthropists, he funded the expansion. The entire Jewish community is deeply indebted to Mr. Sutton, and to all of the donors who made this expansion possible.

Every inch of the five-thousand-square-foot space is dedicated to saving lives. There are spacious, technologically-advanced cubicles for Chaim Medical’s 65 Advisors, who deal with patients, doctors, and medical institutions on a case-by case basis. There are large conference rooms, where Chaim Medical staff can congregate to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the quest for life. There are virtual conference rooms, dominated by large screens, for Zoom consultations with the world’s greatest physicians. There are waiting rooms, reception areas, research areas, and offices – all dedicated to Chaim’s single-minded mission: to save lives.

The event was a maamad kiddush Hashem, highlighted by fascinating exchanges and divrei Torah between Gedolei Harabbanim from every segment of Klal Yisroel.

Admorim from nearly every kehilla graced the event. The Admor of Bobov 45, shlita, the Rebbe of Bais Chaim Yehoshua, shlita, the Skulener Rebbe shlita, the Vizhnitz Boro Park Rebbe, shlita, the Stuchiner Rebbe, shlita, the Verdaner Rebbe, shlita, the Rebbe of Spinka, shlita, and the Ropshitzer Rebbe, shlita, participated.

Harav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Zichron Moshe of South Fallsburg, traveled to Brooklyn especially for the Chanukas Habayis.

Prominent Rabbanim, including Harav Chaim Leib Katz, shlita, the Tenke Rav, shlita, the Rav of Bobov 45, shlita, the Eisenstadter Rav, shlita, Harav Binyamin Landau of Tosh, shlita, Harav Hershel Halpern of Vien, shlita, Harav Chaim Dovid Katz of Satmar 52, shlita, Harav Mechel Steinmetz of Skvere, shlita, Harav Chaim Shea Wettenstein of Belz, shlita, Harav R’ Dovid Moshe Twersky, son of the Rachmastrivke Rebbe, shlita, Harav Moshe Friedman of Satmar 53, shlita, Harav Moshe Fogel of Gur Boro Park, shlita, Harav R’ Meir Hager, son of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, shlita, Harav Shlomo Leiser of Sanz, shlita, Harav Hershl Rottenberg, Rav of Gur New York, shlita, Harav Dovid Ozeri, Rav of Congregation Yad Yosef, shlita, Harav Shimshon Sherer of Flatbush, Rav of Khal Zichron Mordechai, shlita, Harav Yechezkel Schwartz of Debrecin, shlita, and many other prominent Rabbonim.

Harav Binyomin Landau of Tosh, shlita, who often paskens sheilos for the organization, gave a fascinating drashah about questions in halachah that arise at Chaim Medical Resource. The Rebbe of Bais Chaim Yehoshua, shlita, gave divrei brachah, and blessed all who support this incredible organization. Harav Dovid Ozeri, shlita, lauded Chaim Medical’s efforts to save lives, regardless of who patients are and where they come from.

In a poignant drasha, Harav R’ Dovid Moshe Twersky, son of the Rachmastrivke Rebbe, shlita, thanked Chaim Medical Resource for saving the Rebbe’s life. Harav Mendel Schlafrig had this message to the community:

“Many people try to navigate illness themselves. Please reach out early, when things are less complicated. Your information is confidential. You could be saving your life.” He added that Chaim Medical Resource receives no funding from medical centers or hospitals.

“Our only obligation is to you, the patient.”

Even during the event, Chaim Medical staff continued their avodas hakodesh, accepting emergency calls from patients who know that they can trust the expertise and dedication of an organization whose essence is its mission: to leave no stone unturned in its quest to save lives.

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