Achoseini - Yidi Bialostozky, Mendy H Band, Lev Choir

Achoseini is a song about the bracha we wish the chosson and kallah at their wedding.

It was in honor of the wedding of my dear sister that I composed this song to which my friend, mentor and musical producer Mendy Hershkowitz wrote a brilliant symphonic arrangement. We are joined by the sweet voice of child soloist Zevy Wertzberger and the Lev Choir, led by my friend, Aba Berkowitz, who gave this song the artistic touch it needed.

I am dedicating this song to my sister and her chosson עמו"ש and to all of the chassanim and kallos who give me the opportunity to be mesameach on their special day.

Oif Simches! Enjoy!

- Yidi


Composed by: Yidi Bialostozky 

Arranged by: Mendy Hershkowitz @mendyhband 

Choirs by: Lev Choir @LevChoir 

Child Soloist: Zevy Wertzberger 

Stage Design: Lipa Feldman

Video Shooting: Motty Engel

Video Editing: InSight Studio @insightstudioofficial 

Post production: Moshe Kraus @MK Studios

Mixed and Mastered: V-Gold Beat Production

Digital Marketing by Motty Klien @MusicOnTimeOfficial 

Special thanks to Moshe Kraus- Yiddish Nachas, Sruly Blumenfeld, Hershy Pavel, Volvy Spitzer & Yumi Schlesinger

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