Advertorial: Why I Chose a Career in Medicine : Moshe Bulmash Seeks to Make a Difference and Help People Live Healthier Lives

Advertorial: Why I Chose a Career in Medicine : Moshe Bulmash Seeks to Make a Difference and Help People Live Healthier Lives

Touro School of Lifelong Education (SLE) alum Moshe Bulmash shares his journey from yeshiva to medical school, and how the personal attention he received at Touro set him up for success.

Can you describe your background and how you grew up?

I grew up as the second youngest of nine children and the son of a doctor. Growing up in a home with frequent visitors wishing to speak with my father, I saw and appreciated the responsibilities of a physician. I watched as he was able to effectively improve the quality of life for many in the community. I developed strong aspirations to become a physician at a young age due to this early exposure to medicine.

I completed my elementary and high school years within the yeshiva system and continued to learn post high school for about six and a half years before I began my college studies. Even as I began college I continued with dual enrollment as both a pre-med and yeshiva student.

What is your career goal? Why did you choose that path?

I hope to serve my community as a physician. As I’ve mentioned, my father serves as a role model for me. Aside from my love of science and desire to be a lifelong learner, my aspirations to become a medical doctor largely stem from watching as he was able to effectively make a difference in people’s lives.

During my pre-med courses, I also began volunteer work as a research intern and phlebotomist and at a local medical clinic. The research aspect of this position increased my interests in medical science and strengthened my resolve to become a physician. This experience also added another dimension to my understanding of medical issues. Assisting and shadowing at the clinic, which serves a multi-racial population, I saw the true value of compassion in the medical field. More importantly, I saw the importance of medical education, especially as it relates to preventing the development of medical issues. Watching individualized attention and direction given to patients, I learned the importance of accounting for all dimensions when caring for patients. Every patient was unique, and much of the treatment involved addressing health determinants such as social factors and health education.

I look forward to effectively using all the inspiration, training and skills that I have experienced as I begin medical school, and as I practice medicine.

Why did you choose Touro SLE? What do you feel are the School’s main benefits? How do you feel the School is helping you achieve your goals?

I chose to complete my schooling at Touro College SLE because I knew that it is an institution that is sensitive to family responsibilities and Jewish values while also providing amazing academic advisement and guidance. The small class sizes and individualized attention that we as students receive is remarkable. I truly feel as though every one of my instructors has a personal interest in my success.

What advice do you have for others in the community who are ready to transition to academic and professional careers?

I would say that proper academic advisement is crucial to a successful scholastic career. As an undergraduate student on track to any graduate school, it’s not just about which courses to take, it’s important to be aware of the correct sequence to take courses and various deadlines for standardized tests required for graduate programs. Also, I want people to know it’s possible to maintain your values while pursuing higher education and a professional career. My father is my role model in that regard and I intend to follow in his footsteps. I’m thrilled to be attending New York Medical College, a member of Touro, where I’ll connect with other Jewish med students, have access to minyan and Torah classes all while pursuing my dream career.

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