After Subway Rampage: Adams, Sewell to Provide More Officers, Scour Social Media for Unhinged Rants

After Subway Rampage: Adams, Sewell to Provide More Officers, Scour Social Media for Unhinged Rants

By Yehudit Garmaise

The police will be “omnipresent” on the subway trains and platforms, and passengers “will see those officers going after those violent offenders,” Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said on Sunday in several television appearances.

Besides for doubling the police presence on the trains, as Adams said he would do after James’ rampage, on Sunday, the mayor also spoke about his longtime plans to “deploy police correctly, to deal with the mental-health and homelessness crisis in our system, and to ensure that officers are receiving specific information on what we expect from them,” as solutions to the city’s ever surging crime rate.

Adams also took aim at social media, where James had posted several unhinged rants.

“We can identify using our artificial intelligence to identify those who are talking about violence,” Adams said. “There’s a corporate responsibility.”

“The subways have to be safe, and they will be safe,” Sewell said on ABC.

While the public recovers from last Tuesday’s terrifying rampage, in which Frank James allegedly opened fire on a crowded N-train in Brooklyn and injured 29 innocent commuters, the NYPD has also reported that so far this year, major felonies reported in the subway system rose 68%, robberies in the subways surged by 72%, and felony assaults have increased by 28%, the New York Post reported.

Earlier this month, the NYPD also revealed a 37% increase in major crimes in March.

Despite these horrifying statistics, on MSNBC on Sunday, Adams and Sewell provided the cold comfort that Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisiana have the country’s highest murder rates and that New York City is much safer than it has been in the past.

“I was in the city when it spiraled out of control during the mid 80s [and] early 90s, and “[New York City] is far from [where it was then],” said the mayor.

“This city is far from spiraling out of control, and we hope to get crime under control and deal with those pathways that lead to criminal behavior in our city,” said Mayor Adams, that since he took office Jan. 1, the NYPD has recovered 1,800 guns off the streets.

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