AppleTree Opens its Doors in Swan Lake

AppleTree Opens its Doors in Swan Lake

There’s a brand new tree growing Upstate and it’s got a lot more than apples.  

The vacationers of Swan Lake and the surrounding areas can’t get enough of the new reality in grocery shopping that has been introduced this season:

The Apple Tree Supermarket.

Walking into the newly renovated premises of Apple Tree you’ll be greeted by 10,000 square feet of pure convenience.  The wide aisles, friendly staff and ten checkout lanes are all small cogs in the big picture of a shopping experience centered around your complete satisfaction.

AppleTree brings you a high-end supermarket experience minus the price tag that usually comes along with upstate shopping.  Because AppleTree believes that shopping on vacation shouldn’t drain you, or your wallet, for that matter.

Describing AppleTree as a mere supermarket wouldn’t do justice to the variety of departments available for browsing.  Fresh fish, meat and poultry, sushi, bakery, deli and nuts- if it’s edible, it’s in AppleTree.

Swan Lake shoppers rejoice.  In AppleTree they have found the convenience of a grand scale supermarket with the service and commitment of a local grocer.

Come for the apples and stay for the spree.

Photos By: Ari Kay

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