Around the House: How to Create a Successful Birthday Party for your Kid

Around the House: How to Create a Successful Birthday Party for your Kid

By Yehudit Garmaise

Birthdays create simcha, but especially for little ones, who excitedly anticipate their special day each year.

For parents who want to celebrate little ones’ big days with friends and family, BoroPark24 compiled eight helpful tips for creating successful birthday parties.

1. Keep it Small and Low-Key: First, parents should remember to keep kids’ birthday parties relatively small. Big crowds and a lot of noise can create chaos and overwhelm children.

2. Set a Budget: Before initiating party planning, parents should set budgets of how much they want to spend. Catering, moon bounces, and entertainment can total more than $500, so party planners should consider their priorities before booking anything.

3. Choose a Theme: to provide a fun, coherent idea that can be carried through your parties with paper goods, decorations, and entertainment. For clues as to what types of themes children might like, parents can consider their children’s favorite stuffed animals, games, books, and activities. For instance, girls who love to dance might like a ballet-themed party or a colorful party on which girls jump on small trampolines to music. Boys who get excited to see fire trucks on the streets might like a fireman-themed party or similar jumping or obstacle-course-themed parties. Kids who are interested in magic or science might love magic or science themes: complete with a short show by a magician or a mad scientist.

4. Decorate Simply, but Colorfully: A few colorful paper streamers, balloons that are in line with parents' or children’s chosen themes, and fun paper goods are all the decorations you need to create a fun environment. If you have string lights from your sukkah or porch, those can also be hung and lit.

5. Keep Guests Active: Kids need something to do at parties to stay entertained, so often the best place in which to invest money is the entertainment, many parents find. Moon bounces, puppy parties, magicians, paint parties, petting zoos, mad scientists, yoga instructors, puppet shows, animated storytellers, make-your-own-slime, and other crafts are all activities that can keep your young guests happy and out of trouble.

6. Make Small Sandwiches: While kids always like pizza, with younger children, parents can save money by making simple cream cheese, yellow cheese, and peanut butter sandwiches on white bread that are cut either into fourths or into cute shapes, such as hearts, stars, or rockets, with sandwich or cookie cutters. Cut up some fruit and vegetables, such as carrots and celery. Put out some chips and pretzels in bowls, pour some water and juice in small cups, and lunch is done.

7. Bake a Sheet Cake: Instead of buying expensive cakes from bakeries that usually sell delicacies with frosting and fillings that are too creamy for kids, parents can save up to $65 by making their own simple yellow sheet cakes and decorating them with store-bought frosting and colorful sprinkles and other decorations. Cakemakers can also cut the cake into the simple shapes of beloved stuffed animals and other animals their children like.

8. Goody Bags: Choose a few inexpensive toys or crafts from, a 99 cents store, or a local variety store. Combine them with a few types of candy that are not choking hazards, and put them in a colorful small bag before giving them to your happy guests as the party comes to an end.

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