Around the house: Plants Purify Air, Create Calm, and Beautify Spaces

Around the house: Plants Purify Air, Create Calm, and Beautify Spaces

 By Yehudit Garmaise

A New York apartment can be transformed into a serene oasis just by bringing a little bit of greenery inside.

Placing green plants on windowsills, shelves, tables, and other furniture can liven up any room.

But more importantly, a plant can naturally improve the air quality in your home.

While humans bring in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, in contrast, plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

Shockingly, stems, leaves, branches, and wood also absorb sound waves.

Homeowners, who live on busy streets can reduce background noise in their homes by placing larger plants around the house.

Before heading to a nearby plant store, plant enthusiasts should first consider where plants of what sizes will best fit.

New Yorkers with many windowsill ledges can purchase several smaller plants to catch direct sunlight.

While handy residents can create shelves for smaller plants around windows or by hanging hooks or macrame holders from the ceiling, plants also can be placed on empty kitchen counters, and in or on bookshelves.

Side tables, nightstands, tiny corner tables, desks, dressers, fireplace mantles, and dining room tables can take medium-sized plants.

Plates should be placed underneath potted plants to ensure that water does not leak onto your furniture.

Larger and taller plants can simply be placed on the floor.

Houseplants, which last much longer than cut flowers, only require weekly watering and infrequent pruning.

Watering plants regularly at the same time, like every erev Shabbos, helps to ensure that your plants get their weekly drinks.

Just as many natural sights, such as waves crashing onto the beach, trees’ branches gently rustling in the wind, and streams rushing over rocks provide feelings of happiness, calm, and relaxation, green and flowering plants that are planted in pretty, colorful ceramic pots can create tranquility as well.

Just catching sight of a succulent plant, providing a pop of color against white walls, can reduce stress by engaging one’s senses and providing a simple, cheerful sight.

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