Around the House: Save Big in August on Summer Items

Around the House: Save Big in August on Summer Items

By Yehudit Garmaise

Many stores that sell seasonal items are now offering hot deals as Fall draws near.

Retailers, such as Home Depot and Lowes, that sell air conditioners and fans, for instance, need to clear their shelves and make room for fall merchandise, News12 consumer reporter Janice Lieberman reported.

In addition, the prices of outdoor furniture, barbeques, lawnmowers, and large and small outdoor toys come down this month as well. 

Many clothing retailers, such as Lands' End, Banana Republic Factory, and J.Crew put summer clothing on clearance and sell essentials you and your kids might need for next summer for as much as 75% off their previous prices.

While the thought of trying on heavy coats, boots, and gloves does not sound appealing in August, stores that want to make way for new shipments also reduce the prices of winter items at the end of the summer, reported one Boro Park shopper. 

For teens who are dorming, student IDs can provide you with 20% off your total purchases at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which also offers many coupons online.

Plus, prices will be competitive for all back-to-school supplies at Amazon, Target, and Walmart, which all want to get customers in their stores at this time of year.

In the grocery stores, strawberries will not only taste the best now, but they will be sold at their lowest prices of the season. 

Strawberry-lovers can stock up, clean, and check extra strawberries now, and freeze them for smoothies, pies, and other treats.

Although stores need to make room for the merchandise for when the leaves start to turn, consumers who need new appliances and mattresses should wait until Labor Day, which is Sept. 5, when many stores knock down prices by 30%.

Those who need electronics should try to wait until the day after Thanksgiving, which is Nov. 25, when many computer and phone stores offer Black Friday deals.

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