BDE: Admor of Kavunas Halev, zt”l, Levaya in Boro Park this Morning

BDE: Admor of Kavunas Halev, zt”l, Levaya in Boro Park this Morning

Boropark24 is deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Rav Shmuel Zev Lichter, zt”l, Admor of Kavunas Halev for more than four decades. He was 85 years of age and had been unwell recently.

He was born to his parents, Reb Noach and Mammal Lichter, in Galicia, in the year 1937.

The family managed to escape the Nazis in time, a move to America. Their illustrious children, including Rav Shmuel Zev, zt”l, established illustrious Torah homes.

The Ruv married Rebbetzin Henya Kreindel Lichter, daughter of the Krasna Ruv, Rav Hillel Lichtenstein, zt”l, and she was nifteres in the spring of 2015.

His chassidim crowned him as their Rebbe, and he continued to lead them in the Beis Medrash of his father in law on 43rd street.

The Kehila was named Kavunas Halev, for the Sefer of the Krasna Ruv.

His entire life was a chain of intense avodas Hashem, immersed in Torah and tefillah… and nothing else.

His chassidim in the Kavunas Halev kehillah were extremely connected to him with heart and soul—and his passing leaves a tremendous void in their hearts.

The Levaya will go out this morning at 10:00 from the Beis Medrash on 43rd street, and he will be interred in the Krasna Chelka in Beth Moses Cemetery.

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