BDE: The Sorvosher Ruv, zt”l, Child Survivor of Holocaust, scion of Sanzer dynasty

BDE: The Sorvosher Ruv, zt”l, Child Survivor of Holocaust, scion of Sanzer dynasty

By: Yehuda Alter.

We are deeply saddened to report on the petirah of the Sorvosher Ruv, Rav Burech Duvid Halberstam, zt”l, who was niftar Motzei shabbos. He was approximately 84 years of age.

He was born in the town of Bobov, to his father, Rav Chaim Shia Halberstam, zt”l, Hy”d, a son of the Kedushas Zion of Bobov.

When the war broke out, his parents fled, along with his brother, ybl”ch, Rav Yaakov Yosef shlit”a, eastward, toward Russia.

They were safe from the Nazis, ym”sh, but Rav Chaim Shia was tragically killed in Russia in the year 1943, leaving his young sons orphaned.

Following the war, there were ardent Bobover chassidim who witnessed the young yesomim reciting kaddish for the war.. and fainted on the spot from the anguish of the calamities that had so overtaken the chassidus, and so much of Polish Jewry.

But they marched on, intent on rebuilding.

Rav Burech Duvid went to learn under Rav Michoel Ber Weissmandl in the transplanted Nitra Yeshiva in Mt. Kisco, and grew into a formidable talmid chochom.

He married the daughter of Rav Chaim Meisels, the Sorvosher Ruv, who had a Beis Medrash  in Boro Park, and following his passing assumed the leadership of his Beis Medrash, and the title of Sorvosher Ruv.

For close to four decades he led the Sorvosher Beis Medrash, a beautiful center of Torah and Tefilah, and he was a familiar figure in the Bobover court, being a nephew of the Rebbe, Rav Shloime, zt”l

He was meshadech over the decades with illustrious scions of the Sanzer dynasty of which he was himself a vestige—and through them he bore a beautiful family who are a credit to his illustrious ancestors. 

The Levaya will take place Sunday morning, 11:30am, at his Shul, 5224 15th Avenue.

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