BDE: Harav Burech Hersh Waldman, z”l

BDE: Harav Burech Hersh Waldman, z”l

We regret to inform you of the passing of Rabbi Waldman, z”l, a beloved figure in the Viznitzer community. He was seventy years of age.

He was born in Wilmington, Delaware in the year 1950, and he was a mavakeish… searching for growth and truth from a young age.

He found his place in the Viznitzer chassidus, and became Mekushar to Viznitz, and to the Yeshuos Moshe, with heart and soul. He became a pillar of the Viznitzer Beis Medrash on 51st Street—where he was known for his fiery davening, and his love for learning.   

He loved to learn and to teach, and would spend hours surrounded by seforim. He would also deliver many shiurim in Viznitz.  

Reb Burech Hersh was blessed with a beautiful voice, and with a great musical ear—and he utilized these talents in service of his Creator: He served as the longtime ba’al korei in Viznitz, and in the 1990’s, when it was not yet fashionable to have a singer at weddings, he would come to the weddings of friends and sing for a large part of the night at no charge.

Later in life he opened, he opened a shul in Monsey—where he continued to teach Torah, and he remained surrounded by his beloved seforim until his last days. 

Throughout his life, he was known for his warmth and his smile to everyone—always with a good word, always sharing divrei Torah. 

For the last decade of his life, he was drawn to the Kossover Rebbe, and came to him with a kvittel only last week, despite his weak state.

The levaya will go out today from Shomrei Hadas at 12:00 noon.

Yehi Zichro Baruch. 

Watch Live the Levaya of Harav Burech Hersh Waldman, z”l

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