BDE: R' Chaim Hersh Goldberger, z”l

BDE: R' Chaim Hersh Goldberger, z”l

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We regret to inform you of the passing of R Chaim Hersh Goldberger, z”l. He was 52 years of age. 

The niftar was born in Williamsburg to his father, ybl”ch, Reb Yosef Goldberger. 

He moved to Boro Park, where he worked as a bus driver for the Bobover yeshiva in the 1990’s.

He later moved to Monsey, where he operated a mechanic garage, and he later moved to Lakewood. 

Wherever he went, he was a dedicated Hatzolah volunteer, and is remembered fondly by fellow members. 

He was also an active member in Chevra Shomrim of Boro Park.

He was unwell recent years, and passed away Friday. 

The levaya will take place 3:30 at the Beis hachaim in Kiryas Yoel. 

Yehi Zichro baruch.

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