BDE: Rav Shmuel Pinchos Pachtman, z”l

BDE: Rav Shmuel Pinchos Pachtman, z”l

By: Boropark24 staff 

We are saddened to inform you of the untimely petirah of Rav Shmuel Pinchos Pachtman, a masmid and yerei Shomayim. He was niftar suddenly at the age of 77. 

The niftar was known for his golden middos, his unassuming demeanor, despite his great brilliance in Torah. 

“He was filled with Torah, he was filled with yiras Shomayim,” recalled one former Talmid tearfully. 

The niftar was a maggid shiur in Yeshiva Shaarei Yosher for many years, and impacted thousands of Talmidim in this time through his personality, his middos, and his Torah. 

The Levaya took place this evening in New Square.  

Yehi Zichro baruch

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