BDE: Reb Mechel Frankel, z”l

BDE: Reb Mechel Frankel, z”l

By: Boropark24 Staff 

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of R’ Mechel Frankel, z”l, who established generations of Torah families. He was 93 years of age.  

He was born in the Hungarian town of Kashau to his father R’ Burech. The family were Klausenberger chassidim. 

His father sensed the darkness that was descending upon European Jewry, and fortunately decided to bring his family to America. They came to Williamsburg in 1938, and established roots there, remaining firmly grounded in the ways of the old home even as they settled into life in the new country. 

Reb Mechel learned in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, and absorbed ahavas haTorah that would permeate his life and that of his family for generations.  

He married the daughter of Reb Tzvi Moshe Fefferkorn, a legendary Belzer chossid 

Following the war, he reconnected with the Klausenberger Rebbe, and remained tethered to Klausenberg until the end of his life. 

He resided for most of his life in Williamsburg, and lived out his golden years in Boro Park, where he davened in the Linzer and Gorlicer shuls.   

Acquaintances and family recall a model in middos and a paragon of chessed. He was known as the friendliest person who had a smile for everyone. 

He raised his family with tremendous ahavas haTorah, and was fortunate to have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who spend their days immersed in the toil of Torah. 

The levaya will take place 7:00 this evening at the Linzer Beis Medrash on 15th Avenue. 

Yehi Zichro Baruch

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