Beis Hora’ah Nitei Gavriel Fields Yom Kippur Dilemmas Alongside Prominent Physicians

Beis Hora’ah Nitei Gavriel Fields Yom Kippur Dilemmas Alongside Prominent Physicians

As Yom Kippur approaches, and with it the most important Mitzvah of fasting throughout the holiest 24 hours of the year, difficult questions arise for people who are unwell, or fall into other categories exempting them from fasting, or to employ other modifications.

 This fast is the only one in which we are commanded mid’Oraysa, which makes the issue that much more severe.

 For this reason, Beis Hora’ah Nitei Gavriel, under the leadership of Haga’on Rav Gavriel Zinner, shlit”a, one of the most prominent poskim of today, is affording the Boro Park community an opportunity to put these difficult questions to Rabbonim sitting alongside prominent community physicians at the Beis Din—ruling together on these complex matters.

 “Each case is unique, and the doctors and dayonim must examine it from all sides, with all the potential ramifications before issuing a final psak,” explains Rabbi Shia Hershkowitz, a prominent dayan at the Beis Din.

 “While a common solution has been to administer IV infusions, in lieu of breaking the fast, there are a number of potential health problems with it, and many poskim prefer that patients eat and drink in small increments than to use IV,” explains a senior dayan.

 Common medical issues are diabetes, cardiovascular issues, people on medications that must be taken with food, and expectant women in a high-risk category.

 As noted, every case is unique, and we are happy to present this opportunity where people can either call, or come in person, to present their unique circumstances.

 Doctors who will be at the Beis Din this week (up to and including erev Yom Kippur)—each with their unique specialty—are: Drs. George Moskowitz, Stuart Ditchek, Martin Grajower, and Max Bulmash.

 The number to call is 718-732-4615 at the times noted on the poster featured here.


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