Supreme Lighting Maximizes the Power of Light

Supreme Lighting Maximizes the Power of Light

By Yehudit Garmaise

     Do you feel that your home is too dark, but you are not ready to make major renovations?

     Did you know that the lighting in your home can transform its atmosphere and improve your kids’ moods?

    Maybe you are just looking to buy a nice fixture for your home, and you need assistance?

     “Many people think that it is difficult to change lighting or fixtures in their homes that they don’t like,” said Mr. Goldstein, who owns Supreme Lighting, which for 10 years has been located at 3906 15th Ave.

     Mr. Goldstein explained that he does not just cater to homeowners, but to electricians, who also benefit from Mr. Goldstein’s knowledgeable and experienced staff. 

    “Electricians feel extremely welcomed, love our amazing service, and are excited to receive rebates after spending certain amounts,” said Mr. Goldstein. “Both my locations have experienced staffs and knowledgeable lighting designers.

     “In Boro Park, my employee, Shia Tabak, who maintains personal relationships with all electricians and customers, provides amazing service."

    “You want to just buy lighting, you can go anywhere, but we come up with ideas,” said Mr. Goldstein, whose two stores: one in Boro Park and one in Lakewood at 648 Cross St., design beautiful concepts and unique designs in lighting for everything from small residential buildings, high-end buildings, commercial buildings, and recently: a high rise building in a university in Manhattan.

    “People who are unhappy with their lighting often think they need electricians and a lot of work done in their homes,” said Mr. Goldstein, who grew up in Boro Park. “But anyone can come into our stores, we will help them and improve their lighting in no time.

     “Women, men, and electricians can come in, and we will help them find solutions to their ‘lighting problems,’ design lighting concepts, and create customized lighting to match customers’ sizes and spaces.

     “With retrofitting kits, instead of bringing in electricians and doing construction, you can, with a minimal amount of money, create beautiful new lighting in your whole house.”

     For a minimum charge, Mr. Goldstein explained that his employees make home visits, or speak to customers over the phone, to listen to what they currently have, and explain what their options for better lighting.

     For instance, customers who want a little more or a different kind of light, but who are basically satisfied with the current outputs and layouts of their existing fixtures, may be interested in the more cost-effective option of retrofitted lighting kits, which do not require construction to install.

     While in the light in dining rooms usually comes from chandeliers and spotlighting that is recessed into ceilings, living rooms require less direct light for reading and relaxing.

     Even the steps in staircases can get beautiful strip lighting to light the way.

     In addition to brightening up homes, shuls, and mikvahs, Mr. Goldstein has also designed lighting in many local stores, such as Glitz, Greater Optics, Exquisite Gowns, Keter Judaica, Malchut Judaica, Celuette, Buzz, and Tottini. In Lakewood, Supreme Lighting has illuminated Polka Dots Baby Apparel.

     In contrast to homes, which usually prefer more soft, indirect lighting, commercial spaces often favor ceiling track lighting, which can be angled to shine on specific objects, so customers can more easily see stores’ products.

     Mr. Goldstein even has creative ideas to better illuminate sukkahs, which can be notoriously hard to light.

     “Depending on people’s sukkahs, we come up with unique solutions, such as putting strip lighting around the sides,” said Mr. Goldstein, who can be reached at (718) 475-1410. “Customers can go to,, and they can call us anytime.

    “We will help you to create beautiful light.”

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