Beyond's After-School Programs Offer the Perfect Environment for Students to Excel

Beyond's After-School Programs Offer the Perfect Environment for Students to Excel

by M. C. Millman

Beyond is Boro Park's latest after-school program offering children the education and activities to excel in an environment they can enjoy while being expertly guided towards excellence.

Boys eligible for P3/SETSS will receive the services they are entitled to without having to miss class or suffer the stigma of being pulled out of regular classes to receive services. Instead, boys can join Beyond's revolutionary, specialized after-school education center. There they will blossom under the careful tutelage of Beyond's expert, heimishe machanchim, in groups created to fit their needs or in one-on-one programs. Beyond's experienced staff are passionate about the work they do as well as experienced in the field of education and special education.

After seeing the tremendous demand for an after-school program, Beyond announced its opening for boys nine through thirteen. Due to popular demand, the program has since expanded to include ages six through eight. Starting after Sukkos, students in need of assistance and those with too much after-school time on their hands will benefit from Beyond's social and academic services.

Beyond will offer homework help, and math and reading comprehension assistance. There will also be a Mishnayos program for the older boys focusing on understanding the Mishnayos, the limudim, shoiroshim, and loshon kodesh. Arts and crafts are also included. Snacks are provided. Transportation to the facility's central location is available as Beyond makes everything easier so homes will run more smoothly with the least stress possible.

"We are very excited to launch this innovative program," says Rabbi Meir Mandell, MSEd, cofounder of Beyond. "The services will be of tremendous benefit to the boys who get the services they deserve without the stigma of missing class, and families will also benefit. Our goal with this program is to always go beyond - that is why not only will we provide tutoring, but boys will come away feeling good that they will be learning something extra with our program. The extracurricular activities are an added enhancement, so we know our program will include something for everyone."

The program will start after Sukkos. Payments can be made privately or through P3/SETSS funding if eligible. Staff opportunities are also available as the program continues to grow. With limited space, it is recommended that parents reach out now. For more information, email [email protected] or call 917-524-7686.

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