Beyond the Wheels: How ‘Fun on Wheels’ gets Boro Parkers Rolling Through Town

Beyond the Wheels: How ‘Fun on Wheels’ gets Boro Parkers Rolling Through Town

By: Yehuda Alter

Simcha Meyer, a young entrepreneur recently opened a brick-and-mortar location for his rental business which he has been operating for close to three years. He believes every one of his Boro Park neighbors, young and old, should be able to get around with fun, speed, convenience—hence the name of his business. He shared his journey of rapid growth, and filling a need of many in the community. 

It began as an idea to give children a couple hours of fun in a vehicle that parents would not ordinarily buy them. “We started with Ride-On cars,” Simcha recalls. We would rent them out to families. Some of them would take a few at a time, and give their young children wholesome fun right here on our streets. I remember that first chol hamo’ed, we were booked up in hours.”

“This Pesach, I realized that we need a much bigger fleet to meet the demand, and following this, I rented this location on Twelfth Avenue. For now, I have taken it for the summer, but we will see…”

Options range from single rentals of scooters, Segway's, and Ride-On, to rentals of fifty or more at a time, for groups. Rentals can be for two or four hours, up to seven days. And Simcha has introduced the following innovation: “We offer a service which brings the vehicles to the customer at their preferred location, and they can ride freely as an activity.”

So how does he keep track of so many vehicles in his growing fleet? “Every single device has a tracker that can’t simply be taken out, and this is how we keep track of where they are at any given time,” he says.  

Simcha says that safety is his highest priority. “Every scooter or Segway is checked upon return. If I see any kind of damage, it is immediately set aside and expertly repaired so that the next customer is getting a ride that is safe and sound,” Simcha explained. “In addition, we provide every rider with a helmet and knee-pads, which they must wear when riding.”

Meanwhile, Fun on Wheels has serviced three camps just this summer alone, and many have booked him for future dates this summer—bringing fun on wheels to Boro Park’s young and old.

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