Boro Park Hatzolah Hosts Meeting to Represent Linden Branch of Hatzolah to Local Emergency Personnel

Boro Park Hatzolah Hosts Meeting to Represent Linden Branch of Hatzolah to Local Emergency Personnel

By M.C. Millman

As the Linden, New Jersey branch of Hatzolah has been around for a year with volunteers culled from the 400-family community that even boasts its own ambulance,  it was high time for an official meeting to tighten relationships and further partnerships with the local emergency personnel.

At the meeting arranged by Hatzolah of Boro Park, loose ends were tied up, and relationships were broadened within Linden’s police and fire departments.

The meeting took place at Hatzoloh of Boro Park’s headquarters and on Zoom to include those near and far who wanted to share their experiences with what a relationship with Hatzoloh can bring to a community.

Senator Simcha Felder and a retired, upstate state police officer who was commander for all of New York State were present on Zoom. So was a retired training sergeant who not only trained countless state troopers but shared his great respect built over many years for Hatzoloh’s professionalism. The police chief of South Fallsberg was present on Zoom as well as Sullivan County 911 Coordinator Alex Rau;  Training Sergeant Haffle; Sheriff Mike Schiff and Under-Sheriff Eric Chaboly, and Town of Fallsburg Police Chief Simmie Williams.

NYPD Chief Stevenson from Brooklyn South attended in person, as did Commanding Officer of Community Affairs Inspector Richie Taylor; 66th Precinct Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Jason Hagestad; Community Affairs Lieutenant Yitzy Jablonsky; New York City Commissioner of Community Affairs Fred Kreizman;  Paul Wright; NYC Brooklyn South Fire Department Chief; Motty Fleischer, Field Commander Pat Regan; Boro Park Hatzolah Administrator; Hertzka Halpert Boro Park Coordinator; Baruch Gips, Coordinator of Boro Park and Catskills Hatzolah; Senior Advisor to Mayor Eric Adams Joel Eisdorfer, Chaim Fleisher, Boro Park Askan; and 66th Precinct Sergeant Chan.

Three Hatzolah coordinators from Linden, including Sruly Knobloch, Yossi Hoffman and Ari Bilofsky attended along with the Linden police and fire chief, the Linden Chief of Officer Emergency Management, two Linden councilmembers and a number of captains and lieutenants from the police department.

The meeting was pronounced a success in meeting its goal of creating a strong sense of understanding between the agencies. The officials from New York City, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties successfully conveyed the countless benefits of working with Hatzolah with its professional, well-trained, well-disciplined volunteers. Linden officials left with a keen understanding of Hatzolah’s goal and mission, where they are coming from, and the service the organization will be able to provide to the entire Linden community.

Another benefit expressed by those with experience working with Hatzolah is the organization’s professional structure which can only help a community and not hinder it. If there is ever a problem, there is always someone to talk to, with coordinators available for any need.

“It was a very productive meeting, baruch Hashem,” said  Gips, who arranged the entire meeting. “The end result is that we hope we should never need it, but this is going to help all of Achani Benei Yisrael.”

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