Boro Park Leaders Embrace for District Leader: Pinny Ringel, who Gets Results for the Community, while Remaining Loved by All

Boro Park Leaders Embrace for District Leader: Pinny Ringel, who Gets Results for the Community, while Remaining Loved by All

By Yehudit Garmaise

Representatives from all the kehillas of Boro Park gathered on Wednesday night at the Boro Park home of Meyer Weber to support longtime community activist Pinny Ringel, who is running to serve as the community’s district leader in the upcoming June 28 election.

Ringel, who has been serving the community with a smile for 21 years, previously worked at City Hall during the toughest times of recent years: always advocating for K’lal Yisroel with all his heart and soul, Hershel Dembetzer, a leader in the Bobov community, told BoroPark24.

Yidel Perstein, the chairman of Community Board 12, said, “I have always been amazed at the heart, dedication, and professionalism that Pinny brings while helping our community.”

“He is always there in the hardest times. Whenever anyone in the community needs something, Ringel is there to help.”

A centrist Democrat who embraces the values of the Orthodox Jewish community and not ideas of the party’s far-left, Ringel continues to work with many community organizations, such as Shomrim and Chaverim.

Although the community treasures Ringel’s reliability, Leon Goldenberg, the first vice chairman of the board of directors at Council of Jewish Organizations in Flatbush, said that what the leadership of Boro Park like best about Ringel is that he “knows that you collect more flies with honey: not with [verbal] punching and fighting.

“He knows how to get things done in a nice, easy, peaceful way.

“This is why everyone likes him, supports him, and endorses him.

Ringel got his start in politics back in 1995, when was working at an electronics store during the day and attending night classes at Touro College, where his business management professor was state Sen. Simcha Felder, who was then serving as chief of staff to Dov Hikind, who was serving as an assemblyman.

In 2001 when Sen. Felder launched his campaign to run for the City Council Representing the 44th district, Ringel volunteered for him in what started his career in politics.

Mayor Eric Adams, who also entered NYC politics 20 years ago, said that ever since, he has been keeping his eye on Ringel with admiration.

“Pinny Ringel has been working so hard all these years,” the mayor said to the heimishe crowd. “I see that all of the familiar faces of the Boro Park leadership came together to support Pinny, and I know that he will continue to work for and be a great advocate for you.”

Contrary to reports that Adams launched Ringel’s candidacy as district leader, at Wednesday’s event, the mayor said that as a longtime friend and admirer of the community, he was taking his lead from the Boro Park leadership to back Ringel, whom was obviously loved and favored by his peers. 

“Ringel, who is very down-to-earth, doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He doesn’t have an enemy. Everyone is his friend and admires him.”

In fact, Rabbi Moshe Indig said with a laugh that he has never seen a person whom so many kehillos claim as their own.

“Belz says he is Belz, Bobov says he is Bobov, Rachmastrivka says he is Rachmastrivka,” Rabbi Indig said. “Wherever he goes, they always say, ‘He is by us.’”

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