Dan Goldman, District 10 Congressional Candidate, Sits Down with BP24

By Yehudit Garmaise

Dan Goldman, who lives in lower Manhattan, is running to represent Boro Park’s 10th congressional district, and he stopped by the BoroPark24 newsroom to introduce himself today.

From his most recent experience as serving as the lead counsel in the first impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, Goldman said that he learned that being effective in Washington, DC, requires creative argumentation skills that he thinks would serve him well to get things done in the US House of Representatives.

As a Jew and a candidate with a background in law enforcement, Goldman thinks he will be the most effective advocate on Capitol Hill for New York City’s most Jewish district.

Goldman, whose wife is an Orthodox Jew who went to Jewish schools in LA and New York City, said, “I understand the issues in this community much better than anyone else does.

“I am very comfortable and familiar with these communities because it is part of my family too. I am going to be an advocate for this community.”

Anti-Semitism, which Goldman said, “does not get enough attention,” is among his top concerns.

“I am pro-Israel, and some of the other candidates are not.”

BoroPark24:  What have some of your interactions with the Orthodox community been like?

Dan Goldman:  On June 8, I attended the Bobov-45 groundbreaking of its new beis medrish, which was a very moving and emotional experience. I was deeply honored to meet the Grand Rebbe and receive a blessing.

Most of my interactions with the Orthodox community, however, are through friends and connections through my wife’s family. I am excited to be meeting with a lot of leaders in the community to better understand the needs and issues of the constituents.

BP24: What do you think are some of the needs of the constituents of District 10?

DG:  One issue that I know comes up is that Jewish funerals need to take place within 24 hours, so when you have relatives in Israel, that can be very complicated. So, as your congressman, I will make sure we have very quick abilities to help to get relatives in town for funerals.

My purpose is to be a base where constituents can go and feel connected. I will make sure my office provides many services so people can get what they need.

BP24: What other types of constituent services do you think are needed in District 10?

DG: For this community, I am very focused on anti-Semitism and education. Everyone should be able to live the lives they want to lead and grow up understanding and valuing.  

BP24: What kind of harsher consequences do you think can be enacted to deter those who would commit hate crimes?

DG: For hate crimes, I believe that criminals who perpetrate hate crimes should receive extra jail time.

Crimes’ motives do not usually affect sentencing, however, for hate crimes, we need to add penalties when hatred and discrimination are motives. 

BP24: Where do you hold with government interfering with yeshiva education?

DG: I am a believer in the separation of church and state. Just as religions should not influence our government, the government should not influence our religious beliefs, so I think that yeshivas should be able to teach what they want. 

"This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity."

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