Boro park Snapshot: Belgium’s Best

Boro park Snapshot: Belgium’s Best

Leiby Gross, the founder of Belgium’s Best, has emigrated from Belgium twenty years ago bringing with him age old recipes that make his products unique and delicious, quickly becoming a household staple.

The original eya kichel recipe came from Leiby’s family owned business in Belgium called English Style Kichel, sold all over Europe.

What makes this cracker so special, is in the way they make it. It is thin and crispy, so it is perfect to hold herring, or any dip, without an overpowering taste.

They have a huge variety of flavors like sugar coated, spicy, whole wheat, spelt and more.

“The spelt is very popular because it tastes almost exactly like the white flower kichel, but when you finish the entire package, you don’t feel it.” Said Mr. Gross to Heshy Rubinstein of

Leiby packages his products in New York and sells it everywhere kosher food is sold.

Most of Boro Park’s caterers buy from Belgium’s Best for all their simchas. It is very popular at kideishim, weddings, kabalas panim, yartzeits but also just as a snack.

It’s the kind of eya kichel that isn’t only made to eat with herring, but delicious to eat on its own.

Belgium’s Best was not negatively affected by the Coronavirus. “if anything, we saw an increase in sales. People were home and buying more.”

“A lot of people are buying the eya kichel’s for their kids as a healthy alternative ‘nosh’ and kids love the taste and texture.” Says Leiby.

Heshy Rubinstein has previously been involved in getting parents to limit the amount of sugary and artificially colored and flavored foods they serve their kids.

He says he is very impressed to hear that many families are making the beautiful transition to purer eating.

For a delicious and wholesome snack, visit any kosher grocery store to buy Belgium’s Best eya kichel.

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