Boro park Snapshot: Big Fleishig’s

Boro park Snapshot: Big Fleishig’s

Eppes a sandwich, a gevaldige sandwich, a geshmake chicken sandwich, a boro park chicken sandwich - these are just some of the unique sandwich names at Big Fleishig’s.

Originally known as McFleishigs when it was founded 21 years ago, Moshe Samuels who owns the store had to change the name after he was sued by the worldwide non-Kosher restaurant chain McDonalds. After the suit, he rebranded as Big Fleishig’s.

The dozens of choices available range from sandwiches with different meats and sauces to fried chicken platters, soups, and salads.

Once, a customer ordered a sandwich off the menu. Understanding that it came with a 2-ounce container of coleslaw on the side, the customer asked if he could get soup instead. True to form, Mr. Samuel went to the kitchen and filled up the 2-ounce container with soup. 

Coleslaw is a constant that has remained on the menu since 1975 when Mr. Nusson Samuel, the father of the current owner Mr. Moshe Samuel, bought the building and founded Samuel’s Takeout.

When coronavirus threatened the future of the store, Mr. Samuel wanted to shut down and his wife supported his decision but when he asked his Rov, R’ Binyomin Eisenberg shlita, he was told that he has to give food for Yiddishe people.

People really do rely on Big Fleishigs. Mr. Samuel told over two incidents to Heshy Rubinstein from BoroPark24. He said that there was once somebody whose father went to live in a nursing home, and he hated all of the food served there – he insisted on only eating Big Fleishigs! He also said that there is somebody who used to come every two years before he visited his father in Eretz Yisroel because his father demanded that every time he came, he had to bring a sandwich from Big Fleishig’s.

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