Boro Park Snapshot: Couch Potato

Boro Park Snapshot: Couch Potato

Loeffler’s is a fourth-generation family owned business that was started seventy years ago by Yankel Loeffler Z”L, first as an upholstering company but then later transitioned to furniture.

The business went from Yankel Z”L to his two sons, Reb Moshe and Reb Simcha Loeffler Z”L. Moshe passed it on to his son Reb Menacham Z”L who ran it with his son Duvid until he passed away recently at the age of 63 after being hit with the coronavirus.

They were in many locations all over Brooklyn but established themselves at 5113 New Utrecht avenue. It was a small corner store but as tenants moved out of neighboring spaces they expanded. Loffler’s took one of the empty stores and turned it into a location for a mid-end affordable sofa and recliner line.

Reb Menacham Z”L ran the main store, where you can find a huge variety of gorgeous dining room sets, living room sets, bedroom sets and more, his son Duvid runs Couch Potato.

Couch Potato specializes in giving you pieces like sofas, recliners and couch beds for amazing prices. “It’s cheaper but not cheap. We only sell things we believe in; we don’t have junk.” Duvid Said to Heshy Rubinstein of

“We have a 97 percent satisfaction rate; the other 3 percent are the people that will never be happy. You can never please everyone.”

Loeffler’s has been around for many years so you can trust they know furniture. When they started this lower end line, they used their knowledge in comfort and quality to supply their customers something incredible. They carefully choose each piece of furniture to fit an affordable, beautiful and comfortable price range.

You can come in and test something out, take a seat on a recliner, even lay across a couch, but warning, you may feel the need to buy it.

The store was closed during the coronavirus shutdown and experienced a small loss in sales but is B”H picking up now that they have reopened.

Couch Potato has customers coming in from Flatbush, Lakewood, Monsey, Monroe, Connecticut and even all the way from Florida.

They offer shipping making it super convenient to buy from whatever area you are coming from.


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