Boro Park Snapshot: Ctrl P Printing Company

Boro Park Snapshot: Ctrl P Printing Company

We are the People of the Book. And people of the book need copies, lots of copies. In a hurry.

Enter Ctrl P Printing Company, where a smiling, young chassidishe man will do anything from copy the girls’ school yearbook, a color war banner, a Teshuvas HaRashba and a construction blueprint in the span of an hour.

Benzion Daskal, a Bobover yungerman, is a happy storeowner in prime Boro Park real estate. He opened Ctrl P seven years ago at 5102 16th Ave. as a first time storeowner, fresh out of kollel. He is, in his words, the only copy center along the length of 16th Ave.

That makes him the bull's eye for the dozens of yeshivas and schools in the area, Mr. Daskal told’s Heshy Rubinstein in an interview.

“I have all types of customers. Some people come in for a 10-cent copy while others place orders for thousands of dollars,” he said.

But he gives every one of them the same smile and dedication to the job, big or small.

“You never know,” he said, “today’s small customer could be tomorrow’s large customer.”

At this point, Mr. Daskal does the more specialized and larger jobs himself, while allowing his smaller customers greater leeway to do things on their own.

He has the more expensive machines in the back where he does the specialized orders while placing a do-it-yourself printer in front, where anyone can come in, make copies and pay without Mr. Daskal having to tend to them. He has three kiosks, all of which are filtered by Meshimer, for customers to print their own copies.

His larger customers include printing the weekly Torah from Rav Elimelech Biderman, a popular speaker from Eretz Yisroel, the Bobover and Gerrer mosdos, and construction blueprints. Regular business means banners, postcards and business cards.

Mr. Daskal’s entry into the business world is relatively unconventional. He was learning in kollel three and a half years after his marriage when the idea came to him to go into printing. He would never have opened on his own. But he began with a partner who had knowledge of the printing industry and was forced to adapt when his associate backed out.

His business has taken off so successfully he is currently looking to expand and move to a bigger location.

“On 16th Ave.,” he hurried to clarify.

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