Boro Park Snapshot: Landau’s Health Tree

Boro Park Snapshot: Landau’s Health Tree

As vitamins is the baseline of providing support to the immune system, it has become more obvious than ever in recent months as to the positive value of regularly taking vitamin supplements. However, many customers struggle with finding a brand that has a reliable hechsher for anything beyond the basics. 

Reb Yehuda Hersch Landau z”l and his son Reb Chaim had the vision all the way back in 1973 to found a store focused on vitamins and health foods. 

As COVID-19 reared its ugly head through the streets and avenues of Borough Park, Landau’s Health Tree retail location at 52nd Street and 13th Avenue remained open through it all. Customers came in at all hours of the day and night to get essential products like Landau’s Health Tree’s very own Immune Power, zinc supplements, and of course vitamin-C to boost their body’s defenses. Heshy Rubenstein of BoroPark24 says that he, his son from Toms River, and others found that the Landau's Health Tree supplements and vitamins were helpful in keeping them healthy throughout the pandemic.

These vital vitamins can of course be found at other retailers as all the way back in 1983, what was then a cozy store only one building away from its present location expanded into a wholesale empire run by Reb Yehuda Hirsch’s son Reb Chaim Landau.

Sold across the world, Landau’s Health Tree’s vitamins and health supplements are frequently in demand from healthcare professionals across the world.  Rubenstein says that the first stop his son-in-law, Rabbi Feingold, an Emotional Freedom Technique specialist from Belgium, makes when he visits America is to Landau’s Health Tree to pick up products for his patients.

Rabbi Feingold’s patients are far from the only ones who rely on the health benefits of Landau’s Health Tree products. The store carries treatments for ailments ranging from diabetes and cholesterol problems to skin issues and migraines as well as special shampoos to ward off balding and in some cases even reverse hair loss.

All of the vitamins, supplements, shampoos and more are made right here in Brooklyn at the Landau’s Health Tree factory in Canarsie.

Of course, vitamins are not always the answer to all problems – Reb Avrohom Landau, the owner of the Landau’s Health Tree location on 52nd Street as well as a graduate of the School of Nutrition Science, says that that one of the main keys to a successful fast on Tisha B’Av is to properly hydrate for the couple of days before in order to saturate the body with fluid. He further recommends that everyone take B12 vitamins as they prevent megaloblastic anemia which makes people tired and weak.

Landau’s Health Tree also carries a full selection of specialty health foods including sugar free, lactose free, and gluten free options. Their in house brand of snacks includes products like spelt pretzels, soy chips, and potato poppers. They also stock interesting items like goat milk, sugar free chocolates, and special flours.

The Landau’s Health Tree is located at 5201 13th Avenue.

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