Boro Park Snapshot: Mr. Mailman

Boro Park Snapshot: Mr. Mailman

With the advent of e-commerce and Amazon businesses as well as the general need to send business and personal mail, there has never been such a high demand for mailing and shipping services.

Matching the low prices offered in a regular USPS Postal Office, and without the long waits, Mr. Mailman offers a superior customer experience and was founded with the goal of helping every person in Boro Park who needs to mail packages. They are especially helpful to customers who may not know what service exactly they need and are deciding between regular mail, overnight mail, or any of the other myriad options available.

Mr. Mehring who has owned the store since 2002 told Heshy Rubinstein from BoroPark24 that anyone can come in and free of charge drop off any mail, UPS, or FedEx packages - a service which other stores usually charge for.

However, the store is not just for dropping off mail - customers can rent mailboxes to receive mail as well!

As there are many chasunas, bar mitzvas, and Mosdos dinners made each year that each require many, many invitations to be sent in the mail, Mr. Mailman conveniently offers the option to buy sheets or rolls of stamps at the same prices as the post office. Stamps can be bought by the thousands - offering an attractive option to those who have to mail in bulk.

Beyond postage, customers can also purchase any mailing supplies necessary at the location such as boxes, envelopes, packing tape, and bubble wrap.

Additionally, as people generally no longer have fax machines in their homes, the store is able to service anyone who needs to fax documents to a business, government agency or anywhere else.

Mr. Mailman is truly a center for all your mailing needs as you can take care of USPS, UPS, and FedEx mail and packages in a quick and timely manner - waiting only seconds instead of the standard half-hour waits at the post office.

Open until 7 pm Monday through Thursday, the store located at 1303 53rd Street maintains hours convenient to all.

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