BPC’s Center Spirit Magazine Offers Fun and Fascinating Reading for Yom Tov Downtime

BPC’s Center Spirit Magazine Offers Fun and Fascinating Reading for Yom Tov Downtime

 By Yehudit Garmaise

As the hours of Pesach prep work wind down this week, and we begin to set our tables, residents are encouraged to pick up copies of the April issue of Boro Park Center’s (BPC) Center Spirit magazine, which can be found at newsstands throughout Brooklyn.

The issue offers plenty of page-turning articles that all vary on the theme of Pesach: starting with inspiring perspectives on shidduchim, which we know are as hard to make as splitting the sea.

Extending magazine’s oceanic theme, the Center Spirit offers a great read on the Titanic ship, which was a British luxury passenger liner that hit an iceberg on its very first voyage and sank on April 15, 1912: 110 years ago.

Other writers take readers inside the excitement at the Charedim Matzah Bakery on 4312 New Utecht Avenue, and cooking expert Charnie Kohn provides fleishig recipes that are fit for royalty.

For cooks who don’t like to potshke, Chantzie Weinstein provides easy-to-do recipes in a section called, “Pesach Simplified.”

Readers who are done scrubbing their own homes can relax and read an interview with Carlos Albert, BPC’s housekeeping director, who provides a behind-the-scenes look how the center’s army of housekeepers who, every day, keep every room spotless.

Ladies who are ready to get glamorous for Yom Tov can read a bevy of tip and tricks to do their hair and make-up to perfection.

In her letter from the editor, BPC’s director of recreation Raizy Pavlov looked forward to Yom Tov at the center: especially sedarim that are led with by Rabbi Aron Waijsfeld, “with so much passion and hartz, she said.

Looking back at photos from the seders last year, Pavlov admired the beautifully set table and the residents who were dressed in their finest clothing.

“I remember standing there frozen and filled with emotion, taking in the purity and the serenity of that moment,” said Pavlov, who ended by saying that readers will fully enjoy all of the April’s issue’s contents: “once you actually get to sit down and relax!”

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